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The Future of Property Management is Contactless

The Future of Property Management is Contactless

Technology has become an essential tool for any property manager.

Therefore, it’s important to adapt to the technologies available in property management.

Some of the traditional property management services that are now partially or fully contactless are property touring, lease signings, handover of keys, and property inspection. With the aid of software tools, you carry out most of these tasks quickly and more efficiently.

Software Solutions for Property Management

The availability of cloud software tools has changed the way property management is handled. With a stable internet connection and the right software, you can work remotely using any internet-enabled device.

Traditional tasks that require your constant presence in the office can now be done from any location. Cloud software tools also eliminate the need to back up your data to your servers constantly.

Virtual Tours, Virtual Meetings, and Virtual Inspections

A virtual tour eliminates the need for a potential resident to view a property physically.

After the virtual tour, you can use Facetime, Zoom, or Skype to hold a virtual meeting and verify the potential resident. You can request references from previous landlords and agencies to learn the rental history of the potential resident. This will help you decide on whether or not to rent out the property.

Virtual inspection software tools eliminate the need for face-to-face contact when you want to conduct property inspections. You can showcase your property day and night without regard to where the potential residents are located.

Remote buyers can then use a virtual auction to bid for your property regardless of their location, so long as they have access to the internet.

Contactless Key Handover and Keyless Entry

Keys must be exchanged between the residents and the property manager whenever residents are moving in or out. It can be done through the post office, lockboxes, or leaving the key in a prearranged safe place.

Keyless entry entails using access codes rather than a physical key. It minimizes physical contact between residents and workers who need access to the property to carry out repairs or maintenance work.

Are you a property owner or a community stakeholder? Do you wish to make your property management tasks more contactless? Read more on our site on how you can expand your customer base with virtual tours, or contact Targa Real Estate Services today.