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3 Tips For Creating a Business Center in Your Multifamily Community

3 Tips For Creating a Business Center in Your Multifamily Community

Business centers have long been havens for people traveling for business and leisure alike. But these business centers are no longer just for traveling. A growing number of rental properties and multifamily communities update and upgrade amenities to include these spaces. If you're working on upgrading, consider these three tips from Targa Real Estate for creating a business center.

Include Beverage Options

Making your business center a valuable asset to residents could start with something as simple as a coffee machine. Many people grab a cup on their way to the office, so this option helps up your business center appeal. Knowing that they don't have to step out or go back to their unit means that residents will feel accommodated. What's more, having amenities like this may help residents see value in the center and any potential changes in rent necessary to maintain it.

Good options include pod coffee makers or espresso machines or even larger single coffee or hot drink dispensing machines. Regular coffee makers with coffee pots are also an option for smaller centers. However, there is a mess potential with those, and they don't offer the flexibility and options of pod coffee makers.

Consider Standing Desks

With more people working from home or having updated options at the office, standing desks are a popular option for business centers. They offer residents using the center flexibility should they just have a quick stop in or even for longer stretches of computer or desk use.

Standing desks make your business center more functional as well. Different designs can be as simple or involved as you see fit. Many standing desks also convert to regular chair-use desks as well. If you're worried about potential costs for this option, you can design these into a certain area of just a few desks in your business center.

Have a Breakout or Seating Area

Some residents may be looking for a quiet refuge to get to work or want to read or review documents. So additional seating areas with armchairs and lower tables provide a welcome option. Seating options also work for those who bring their own tablet or laptop to the business center but want a little bit more comfort.

Look for durable materials in updated but classic colors or patterns for chairs and other seating arrangements. You can also consider smaller couches if your business center space has the space for them.

These are just a few tips for creating a great business center in your multifamily community. If you're looking to upgrade other amenities, updating your complex's pool area is another great option. To learn more about Targa Real Estate's services and how we can help with your rental properties, contact us.