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How to Promote Sustainability in Property Management

How to Promote Sustainability in Property Management

Sustainability and property management go hand in hand. Here at Targa Real Estate, we see the value of incorporating sustainability into multifamily homes. Check out some creative ideas to implement to conserve water, energy, and to reduce waste.

Reduce Water Usage

Simply giving some extra attention to water usage can yield major results. The Department of Environment and Climate Change has some great ideas for managing water usage in their water savings checklist.

Avoid water waste by considering an upgrade to more efficient equipment. For starters, installing low-flow taps and dual flush toilets are both great options to limit usage. If you're looking for an inexpensive, simple way to reduce up to three liters of water per flush, install a water hippo into the cistern of each toilet for immediate results. Posting simple signs as reminders to conserve water and report leaks will also keep conservation a priority. Take even larger steps to save water by using a rain barrel collection system instead of a hose for watering plants and mopping outdoor areas.

Reduce Energy Usage

Now is a great time to reduce energy usage to promote sustainability in property management. It will also help reduce your monthly utility bills. Avoid heating unused common areas by using programmable thermostats. You can even program thermostats remotely from your phone or computer. Install motion sensor lighting to ensure the safety of those entering dark areas at night while ensuring that the lights will turn off automatically when not in use. These are great to use in restrooms and common meeting areas. If you choose not to use motion sensors, Balance Small Business suggests labeling light switches to limit the use of unnecessary electricity. Get a quote on solar panels. While there is a significant cost to install the panels, over time you'll save money on your energy bill, using free, renewable solar energy.

Reduce Waste

Paper waste can be cumbersome in large establishments. Consider moving to electronic communication while placing easy-to-access recycling bins in areas with high paper traffic.

Leverage a team to organize programs that reduce waste. There are numerous options to implement.

Buy and Sell Nothing Groups: Create an in-house group on social media where people share free items they're looking to offload or post specific needs. This allows for the reuse of items instead of adding to landfills.

Charity Days: Choose a day when a charity organization comes to collect donations. Invite all to participate.

Recycling incentives: Offer games and prizes or a little friendly competition to increase excitement about recycling and reducing waste. The EPA has some great ideas, including a challenge to aim for zero waste lunches!

With a little effort, it is possible to incorporate sustainability into property management. Check out some more ideas for eco-friendly living here. Contact us to learn more about Targa Real Estate and Tacoma, WA property management.