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Tips for Creating the Perfect Community Coffee Bar

Tips for Creating the Perfect Community Coffee Bar

Here at Targa Real Estate, we value community relationships. A great way to bring people together in your multifamily community is to set up a coffee bar for residents to enjoy. Coffee is well-loved, affordable, and simple to display and serve. Try some of the following to make your coffee bar special and enjoyable for those who attend.

Offer Coffee Samples From Around The World

A unique spin on a community coffee bar would include flavors that aren't widely available. Try a coffee or two that can't be purchased at the local grocery store. According to Green Global Travel, coffee from Kenya has consistently topped the list as the preferred flavor among many. Barefoot Coffee Roasters adds that Colombia provides some of the most quality coffee beans in the world! Round out your selection with a local favorite to support a business in the area.

Invite Residents to Participate

Involve residents by inviting them to bring their favorite coffee creamers, syrups or flavorings to share. This is a great way to build relationships and foster a spirit of friendliness among neighbors. Be sure to have coolers and ice ready to display shared offerings. Additionally, encourage participants to vote for their favorite coffee flavor or include a little java trivia competition for some extra fun. Try sharing a few of these fun facts from the Bean Poet to add a few smiles to your gathering as well.

Include Options for Non-Coffee Drinkers

In order to welcome everyone, be sure to include hot drinks for those who aren't interested in coffee. A carafe of hot water for various herbal and fruit teas along with some gourmet hot chocolate will ensure that everyone has something to enjoy. Simply add the tea bags and hot chocolate to your display. Your attention to detail will not go unnoticed.

With a little forethought, it is simple to create your unique coffee bar to engage and connect the people in your community. Read more here to check out additional ways to make residents feel welcome.

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