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How to Build Trust & a Sense of Community in Multifamily

How to Build Trust & a Sense of Community in Multifamily

When it comes to resident retention, your most important asset is a sense of trust. Establishing a connection is easier than you may think with consistent communication and dedication. To build a sense of trust and community, here are a few steps to consider:

Encouraging Communication with Residents

A simple way to retain residents is by encouraging and maintaining communication with residents. Responding to their concerns indicates courtesy and respect, which are essential aspects of customer service. Informing residents of any new information that will make their stay more comfortable, particularly safety protocols, is important.

Creating a Sense of Community

Many people are craving a sense of community, and are likely to stay in an apartment where they feel they have access to friends and social events. Therefore, help your residents connect with others by hosting fun events. Host a happy hour, cooking class, or set up a virtual discussion board. This way, residents won’t even have to leave the community to socialize with others.

Investing in Property Maintenance

With most people turning to remote work, residents will be on the premises more than ever before during the day. Property maintenance is typically a noisy affair that can disrupt people working from home. You may need to inform them of any upcoming maintenance projects so that they can adjust their schedules accordingly. Creating these positive interactions will cut down on time spent resolving conflicts while bolstering your relationship with tenants.

Targa Real Estate encourages teamwork. Managing a multifamily property is not easy. But with these few simple tips and a bit of hard work it is definitely a doable endeavor. After you have built trust and community among your residents, build a business center to keep everyone happy and productive. Contact us today for more on this topic and other great management tips.