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Fun Virtual Events to Host For Your Multifamily Community

Fun Virtual Events to Host For Your Multifamily Community

At Targa Real Estate, we know that building relationships is important for a multifamily community. With the changing world, there are many creative ways to celebrate your residents with various activities. Hosting virtual events can build friendships without having to gather in person. Whether the issue is time or space, there's room for everyone when meeting online. Try out one of the following activities with your residents.

Door Decorating

Show off designer skills by hosting a door or patio decorating contest and then having a virtual voting contest to select a winner. Choose a holiday, season, or theme and let your residents use their own creativity and imagination to decorate their spaces. Residents can meet new faces as they peruse entries. You might even foster some friendly competition for future events. Consider creating a Zoom meeting to digitally show entries or encourage residents to venture out and discover them on their own time, followed by an email survey to vote for their favorites.

Netflix Party

To host a Netflix party, invite your residents to pop some popcorn and snuggle up to enjoy some time together in their comfortable clothes. By downloading the "Teleparty" Chrome extension on your browser, you can send guests a link to watch together.

Live Fitness Classes

Invite residents to join a physical fitness activity together by hosting a virtual exercise class. Whether it's a pre-recorded video or a locally found live instructor, come together for yoga, Pilates, or even a little strength training together as a multifamily community. Keep the screen set to speaker-view so that participants can see the instructor clearly, and leave time before and after to encourage residents to chat.

Virtual Bingo

Host an online Bingo party at Bingo Maker. Games can include up to 1,000 players, so there's room for people of all ages. The age-old game is a great way to include all residents in the fun. Mail out gift cards to the winners for some extra incentive and challenge.

It's important to find ways to include everyone in activities offered for your multifamily community. Try a virtual event for some fun.

If you're looking for an event to gather everyone together in the same room, check out tips for a great coffee bar.

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