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Popular Amenities for Multifamily Communities

Popular Amenities for Multifamily Communities

As the desire for multifamily community living grows among all age groups, Targa Real Estate understands the value of considering unique amenities for your property. Make your residents feel relaxed at home by trying out one of the following ideas on your property.

Relaxing Outdoor Space

Especially in busy city areas, relaxing outdoor spaces are a welcome respite. Think about how you can create a quiet oasis by incorporating one of the following ideas into your property.

Consider a quiet garden area where residents can sit to relax or take a quiet walk. With seasonal flowers blooming, trees, and maybe even a small pond, residents will be drawn to the serenity.

Add a covered porch area equipped with outlets, fans, and heaters for those who may want to take their work outdoors. This will ensure an enjoyable space with the option to control the temperature for optimum comfort. Add an all-season room to enjoy nature during any weather. By including large floor-to-ceiling windows that have the ability to open for a breeze and a gas or wood fireplace, residents will experience the calm and beauty that comes from the outdoors in rain or shine.

Creator Space

With art, creativity, and do-it-yourself ventures making a comeback in today's culture, Multifamily Innovation Watch suggests a dedicated space for such interests. Outfit the area with tables, craft supplies, and music. Consider hosting events for residents to learn, create, and participate together. There are endless possibilities for group classes, including watercolor, calligraphy, or even woodworking. Whether expressing creativity alone or in a group, a space like this one will surely please the crowd.

Lounge Area

A popular update to your property might include a space where residents can come to unwind at the end of a hard workday. Equip the room with a large television to watch movies and comfortable furniture. Encourage community connections with a pool table and board games. Be sure to include a small kitchenette area with snacks and drinks to round off an enjoyable evening.

By creating unique spaces, residents will be drawn to the comfort of your property and enjoy time spent there. Whether the space is outdoors, designed to nourish creative interests, or simply a place to lounge and play games, these additions will provide a welcoming atmosphere.

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