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Tips On Preparing Your Multifamily Community For Spring

Tips On Preparing Your Multifamily Community For Spring

Spring is just around the corner (yay!) which means it’s time to start prepping your property for warmer weather. Here are a few ways to get a head start on setting your community up for success in the coming months.

Check the Grilling Area

Come spring, residents will be excited to head outside and enjoy picnics in the warm weather. Therefore, make sure your grills are set up ahead of time to avoid residents asking whether they are available or not. Remove all debris, scrape the racks, and stock up on charcoals or whatever else you may need.

Examine Building Exteriors

The weather's warming up, and it's time to examine the building exteriors. As you inspect your multifamily property, remember to check gutters, trim, decks, and porches that may need a touch-up. You can easily paint the windowsills if they have chipped paint.

Check out the HVAC System

If your HVAC system is making funny noises or not running smoothly, it may be time to give it some TLC. Schedule an appointment with one of your local HVAC maintenance companies. They'll come to check out your HVAC system and let you know what repairs are required.

Plan Spring Events

Arguably, spring is one of the busiest times of year for your community. Therefore, it's a great time to welcome new residents and bring people together. You can set up a community picnic, pet-friendly happy hour, or even do a trivia night!

Multifamily communities are getting ready for spring, and Targa Real Estate is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our services or visit our website for more tips!