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Tips for Advertising Your Multifamily Community with Video

Tips for Advertising Your Multifamily Community with Video

With video becoming the most consumed form of content online, there are a few ways you can use video to boost the marketing of your multifamily communities.

Video Walkthroughs

A video walkthrough is a recorded video of you, a property manager, or any other capable individual filming a full virtual walkthrough of your property. You can utilize voiceover to point out particularly appealing selling points about the property, discuss square footage of rooms, talk about when updates were last made, or any other vital pieces of information that may be of interest to potential renters.

When performing a video walkthrough, we recommend using a high-quality phone or video camera and allowing as much natural light into the house as possible (open all curtains, blinds, et cetera). Begin at the front door or entry point and work your way through every room and include footage of the backyard, front yard, or any other outdoor areas.

Including a video walkthrough when marketing your multifamily community not only helps drum up more interest in your properties (listings that show video draw 403% more inquiries than those without), but can also make the renting process more efficient. If a home is not right for a potential renter, they will often be able to tell through the video walkthrough. On the other hand, individuals moving from out of state will be far more comfortable committing to a property if they see it via video, rather than relying on photos.

Video Showings

Even after viewing a video walkthrough, potential renters may still have specific questions about certain amenities of the property. In that situation, a live video showing can be an easy answer, especially if the individual lives out of state and can't attend an in-person showing. You or a property representative can conduct a live video showing where questions can be asked and addressed in real-time. Parts of the property can be shown that might not have been easily seen in the video walkthrough. This can put potential renters at ease about whether the property is the right fit for them, and can result in a more seamless leasing process.

Video can be a strong tool for property managers to market, advertise and show their properties. After you’ve made your video take a look at a few simple ways you can get your property ready for spring. If you're looking to hire a property management company to assist with your multifamily properties and communities, reach out today to discuss how we can help.