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Tips for a Great Co-Working Space for Your Multifamily Community

Tips for a Great Co-Working Space for Your Multifamily Community

It’s no secret that work-from-home opportunities are at an all-time high. With people near and far setting up home offices rather than embarking on daily commutes, multifamily communities are catering to new needs and setting up co-working spaces. To stand out, here are some tips for providing the ultimate office experience for your residents.


One of the main perks of going into an office is free java. Give your residents the best of both worlds, by brewing coffee for them to enjoy while working in sweatpants. Not only will the smell enliven common areas, but it will also serve as an extra perk on your amenity list.

Keep an Organized and Clean Shared Work Space

You want to make it fair for all of your remote workers to have a chance to utilize the space. Depending on the number of people wanting to take advantage of this amenity, you may have to set up a rotating schedule or create a reservation system for residents.

Create Different Rooms for Different Needs

Mirror the setup of corporate offices by creating an open space for individual tasks and separate areas for meetings. In an open office space, residents can spread out and pace around if need be and possibly network with neighbors. For private conference calls or to meet with clients, a conference room allows them the privacy and formal space they need to conduct business.

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