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3 Ways to Show Resident Appreciation

3 Ways to Show Resident Appreciation

Here at Targa Real Estate, we celebrate building communities. One way to foster a great atmosphere in multifamily is to set aside time for resident appreciation. There are countless ways to celebrate the people in your community, but it's important to set aside specific, focused times to show gratitude. An intentional approach to resident appreciation will encourage lease renewals and assurance that you value those who reside in your community. Read on for some tips and strategies to host your own Resident Appreciation Day.

Ask for Feedback

A great way to honor your residents is to ask their opinion. Check in for feedback on how management is viewed, what is being done well, and what needs some improvement. Ask for residents' feedback on the timeliness of issues that need to be resolved. Thank them for their feedback and make the necessary changes to improve the quality of life in your community while reinforcing already established good habits. Showing concern for how your residents view the quality of care they receive is a great way to show how valuable they are.

Provide Gifts and Events

Whether you host a pool party in your community center or hand out breakfast sandwiches with a cup of coffee to residents on their way to work, small gifts and community events will show residents that they are appreciated. By creating an atmosphere for people to spend time together and form friendships during scheduled events, close-knit bonds will be formed between management and residents alike.

Offer Incentives

Consider showing residents appreciation with incentives. Zipcode Creative recommends doubling your referral fee for a month or offering a free month's rent for those who recommend a friend who signs a lease. Residents will love the incentives, and new connections will be made with prospective future residents.

Finding unique and frequent ways to show resident appreciation will ensure that the people who live in your multifamily community will value their homes for years to come. Consider asking for feedback, hosting events, and offering thank-you gifts or rent incentives to remind your residents that you are thankful for them.

Check out more ideas on hosting a community coffee bar to show resident appreciation. Contact us to learn more about Targa Real Estate and property management in Tacoma. We look forward to meeting you!