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3 Easy-to-Add Amenities to Incorporate into Your Multifamily Community

3 Easy-to-Add Amenities to Incorporate into Your Multifamily Community

Multifamily communities are becoming increasingly innovative with amenities. To accommodate resident desires for forward-thinking community perks, consider incorporating features that are easy to add.

We’ve put together a list of amenities that don’t require breaking ground or heavy construction costs.

Community Planter Garden

Everyone is going green, and community gardens are a big draw for modern residents. You don't need a big green space — or any exposed dirt at all — to create a lush community garden with planters. Raised planters can be arranged to create a garden anywhere, and they are more ergonomic than gardening on the ground. So set up a ring of planters with herbs, vegetables, flowers, and empty soil for your residents to grow.

Bicycle Storage Area

Bicycles are a fun way to exercise or to get around. Many luxury apartments now advertise their safe and accessible bike storage, and you can, too. Securing a bicycle rack to a well-placed wall near the entrance is easy to add a popular green and fitness amenity to the building. One mounted installation can make your entire community more welcoming, especially if there are bikeable paths and park walks nearby.

Online Rent Payment and Requests

Renters today are looking to pay their rent and handle home maintenance with ease. Which is why it's vital to offer online payments. Fortunately, it’s easy to quickly upgrade your property management solutions so your renters can easily pay and access maintenance online.

incorporating easy-to-add amenities doesn't have to be costly or time-consuming. A few planters, a bicycle rack, and web software can increase your property's appeal. For more multifamily property management tips and solutions, contact Targa Real Estate today.