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3 Tips for Decorating Furnished Apartments

3 Tips for Decorating Furnished Apartments

When managing a multifamily property, offering furnished apartments is often a smart strategy to appeal to a variety of renters. Once you have your furniture and essential items covered, now it’s time to decorate with art that embodies the character of your space. Here are a few ways to get started decorating.

Choose a Color Palette

Artwork that complements or blends into the rest of the decor is typically the best option for furnished apartments where you can't predict the tastes of your future guests. A strong color palette can make your units distinctive and give them personality without overpowering people with a decor style that is not their own.

Choose Artwork that Works for Everyone

When choosing artwork to frame on the wall, look for pieces that fall into these universal categories that are appealing - or at least neutral - for everyone: Landscapes, plants, geometric shapes, cityscapes, and abstract images.

Landscapes and cityscapes create a window to somewhere else. Plants are pleasant to most, while geometric and abstract images can use the color scheme aesthetically without any specific subject.

Digital Picture Frames

To give potential renters the ability to see themselves living in one of your units, consider digital picture frames with a USB port or app-based interface. This will allow them to put up their own family photos or favorite artwork in the apartment, and it gives your furnished spaces a cool, futuristic feel.

Decorating furnished apartments is all about finding unique ways to appeal to new renters by creating a space that is beautiful and welcomes their individual tastes. For more multifamily property management tips, contact us today.