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Key Members of a Property Management Team

Key Members of a Property Management Team

Every investment property owner needs a property management team. From townhomes to apartment buildings, you'll need a maintenance team, a renovation team, and someone on-point to answer resident calls. If you're new to multi-family property management, let's explore the real estate management team you need to assemble.


Roofing is a natural part of property maintenance. Annual roof inspections, repairs, and replacements mean you will want a team of reliable roofers on call. An experienced team can help you save money by doing it right the first time so your investment lasts.

Plumbers and Electricians

Every building needs regular plumbing and occasional electrical work. Electricians work alone or with teams of other repair or construction services, while plumbers tend to have specialized businesses. Cultivate a network of essential building maintenance services that are reachable if you, your property manager, or tenants need assistance.

HVAC and Appliance Repair

The range and oven, dishwasher, water heaters, and the HVAC systems in each home are part of your obligation to uphold. Retain a reliable HVAC maintenance and on-call general repair team for the essential appliances of each unit.

Interior and Exterior Contractors

Reliable contractor teams can do interior or exterior repairs and renovations. These professionals cover drywall, cabinetry, tiling, and siding. Whether you're doing periodic updates or need help fixing damage due to a spell of bad storms, you should always have a solid contractor on your team.


An important part of your property management team in Tacoma should include landscapers. Brainstorm ideas with your landscapers to cultivate shared spaces like tree-lined paths, flowerbeds, and outdoor entertainment areas.

Rental Office and Tenant Management

Multi-family homes should always have someone available to represent the property and answer tenant needs. Make sure there are at least two people able to receive rent checks, answer the phone in an emergency, and schedule prompt repairs on request.

Your property management team can help you and your tenants live happily and comfortably. Multifamily property management is all about having the right team for the job. To find out more about property management strategy or to hire a pro, contact us today.