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Adopt Top Recycling Practices for Multifamily Homes

Adopt Top Recycling Practices for Multifamily Homes

At Targa Real Estate, we know that outfitting your property with energy-efficient appliances is a great way to reduce consumption and save on monthly bills. After these essential updates are complete, adopt top recycling practices for multifamily homes. Encourage your residents to get involved with daily routines that can make a huge difference.

Set up recycling bins

Depending on the size of your property, you can include recycling bins for each unit or communal bins that residents can share. Research sorting requirements for your neighborhood pickup service and provide tenants with places to organize paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum. You can also send tenants a helpful recycling guide that outlines best practices for cleaning out food scrapes and reading recycling codes on plastic.

Create a community compost

Composting is an excellent way to adopt recycling practices for multifamily homes. By collecting food waste and other organic materials, you can help reduce landfill greenhouse gases. Encourage your tenants to contribute to a community compost by outlining which materials they can sort from their homes. Composting creates rich, nutrient-dense soil that property owners can then use in landscaping projects, from flowerbeds to vegetable gardens.

Host a virtual yard sale

Instead of throwing away used and unwanted goods, encourage tenants to participate in an ongoing virtual yard sale. Through a community notice board, residents can post items they no longer want for sale or barter. Buying, selling, and swapping items between property tenants is quick and easy and avoids the hassle of posting to online forums. Giving new life to secondhand goods is an ideal way to reduce consumption as well as landfill waste.

These easy recycling practices for multifamily homes will benefit your residents as well as your entire community. For more insights on strengthening your residential investment, check out our tips for building a strong property management team. To find out more about property management strategy or to hire a pro, contact us today.