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Easy Ideas for Low-Maintenance Gardening for Multifamily Homes

Easy Ideas for Low-Maintenance Gardening for Multifamily Homes

A well-kept garden can make all the difference in the look and feel of your property. If you want your outdoor space to glow without all the extra time and money necessary for a professional landscaper, low-maintenance gardening for multifamily homes could be the solution. Check out these ideas from Targa Real Estate to give your garden an easy, cost-effective renovation.

Source Native Plants

Living in the Pacific Northwest means weeks and weeks of constant drizzle, so savvy gardeners use this natural resource to their advantage. When you start looking for plants and flowers for your garden, research local varieties that will thrive naturally with little intervention. Gardening stores and nurseries have experts to help you choose the best plants for your garden's conditions and your desired level of involvement. Some native plants to consider are false Solomon's seals, mock oranges, and western wallflowers.

Utilize Rock Features

Low-maintenance gardening for multifamily homes doesn't have to be green, per se. Rocks can be a great alternative. They require very little maintenance and add visual interest to a well-planned space. Use rocks to line walkways or create better definitions around flowerbeds. If you're feeling creative, make your own rock garden. You can source rocks and gravel of varying sizes, colors, and textures to fill a space that you won't need to worry about again.

Mulch Your Flowerbeds

If you've spent any time managing outdoor plants, you'll know that weeding is top of the list of undesirable gardening tasks. Spending hours on your hands and knees can discourage even the greenest thumbs, so spare yourself the frustration and mulch your flowerbeds. This magical mixture of decaying leaves, compost, and bark will prevent weeds from sprouting as they block away necessary sunlight. Mulch also feeds the soil and helps retain moisture, which means less work for you.

Low-maintenance gardening for multifamily homes is an excellent way to keep your property looking great without adding another chore to your weekly to-do list. For more ideas to enhance the visual aesthetic of your property, check out these top tips for decorating furnished apartments.

At Targa Real Estate, we offer expert advice for multifamily home management. To learn more, please contact our team so we can help you maximize your investment.