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5 Website Features Your Multifamily Property Needs

5 Website Features Your Multifamily Property Needs

Most people today do everything online. They work, pay bills, and book services all through online platforms, and they expect the same performance from their apartment property management. Every modern multifamily property should have a website that has intuitive features that aim to make apartment living and seeking easy.

If your tenant portal doesn't have the following five basic features, it's time for an upgrade.


1) Online And Automatic Rent Pay

Your tenants should be able to pay their rent online using a connected bank account and/or payment cards. It should also include the option to automate rent payments, which will secure more consistent payments for you and easier payments for your tenants.


2) Maintenance Request Form

How do your tenants report problems and request maintenance? Providing a channel for maintenance requests through your website not only helps tenants get the repairs they need, it also helps to protect your property by being proactive with maintenance issues.


3) PDF Copy of the Lease

It is also useful for your tenants to have an always-available copy of their lease. You can link a unique lease PDF to each tenant's login so that no matter what happens to the paper copy, both parties can access the current document for reference at any time.


4) Digital Community Calendar

If you keep a community calendar, publish it on your website. This can help tenants know when to expect maintenance and when to attend community parties and events. You can boost community participation and make your tenant portal more welcoming overall.


5) Emergency Numbers List

Publishing all-hours emergency numbers on your multifamily property website can also help tenants know who to call in an emergency. Make sure your tenants know the right numbers to call day or night.


The best part is these features will not only benefit your residents but also management as well. Contact us today for more of the latest multi-family property management strategies and trends.