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4 Work-Related Amenities for the Modern Employee

4 Work-Related Amenities for the Modern Employee

The COVID-19 pandemic has undeniably changed the way we live and work. Some employees switched to hybrid work models, while others worked entirely from home. Even with businesses and other public places reducing COVID-19 restrictions, many professionals still do much of their work remotely and this trend is only expected to grow. Therefore, it's important to create a place for your residents to both relax and work. Here are four suggested work-related amenities for the modern employee. 

Private WiFi Network

With two-thirds of U.S. employees working at least part of the time remotely, an Internet connection is vital to the work environment today. Workers use the Internet to research, check emails, network with other professionals, and even attend meetings. These virtual meetings are held on programs like Zoom, which require a stable Internet connection. 

3) Work Nooks

Some residents must take an important work call away from noisy roommates or other auditory distractions. Others are more introverted and do their best work alone. Either way, work nooks go the extra mile in providing solitude. If you cannot include private rooms for this purpose at the main building, a simple sofa with a coffee table tucked away in the corner works well too. 

4) Coffee Bar

Millions of Americans turn to caffeine to improve their concentration and increase alertness, especially in the morning. Therefore, it only makes sense to have a coffee bar. This can be as simple as providing a standard Keurig with coffee pods and paper cups. However, we recommend taking it a step further by including mini creamers, sugar packets, and zero-calorie sweeteners as well. 

5) Outdoor Spaces

While this amenity is not directly related to work, it is still necessary for any professional. Taking short breaks throughout the workday prevents burnout and keeps workers refreshed so that they can show up to that conference call as their best selves. Have plenty of green space so that your residents can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine on their faces. Include picnic tables, tennis and basketball courts, or even start a community garden. 

With full-time employees devoting eight hours a day to their careers, be sure to create a neat and organized space for them to do their work. For more tips on apartment living, visit our blog. Finally, contact us today to learn more about our services.